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a MATLAB library for reduced-order modeling of PDEs

What is redbKIT?

redbKIT is a MATLAB library for finite element simulation and reduced-order modeling of Partial Differential Equations. In particular, it includes straightforward implementations of many of the algorithms presented in the companion book.

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redbKIT consists of three main packages

FEM_library provides 2D/3D finite elements approximations of advection-diffusion-reaction equations, Navier-Stokes equations, nonlinear elastostatic and elastodynamics, and fluid-structure interaction problems.

RB_library implements Galerkin and least-squares RB methods, POD, greedy algoritm, EIM, DEIM, MDEIM etc.

Problems contains a gallery of tests, examples and applications.

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How to get it

redbKIT is free and distributed under a BSD License. You can directly download the current release or clone the git repository.

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